Station has been created  to process any type of electronic file: you will be able to define a wide range of automated operations for the manipulation of files of every complexity. 

Some file formats, such as EDI and XML for example, can hardly be processed manually and directly by a human operator: if there was the need to insert the data contained into this types of file into the information system, you would need first to translate them into a "hurman readable" format, followed by a manual data enter.

With Station, both the conversion, the data extraction and the data entry into the information system are automated: in this way it becomes possible to easily manage every type of file.

Station can adapt itself to process every file format, from the simplest to manage - such as PDF, to EDI messages, from CSV files to spreadsheets: Station guarantees the manipulation of every type of file, both incoming and outgoing, and so it can be used in a wide range of situations.

flexibility station