Arcoprofil - management of EDI files


The company needed to effortlessly process incoming (orders) and outgoing (invoices and dispatch notes) EDI files. With Station was possible to automate the conversion of incoming EDI files and their subsequent inclusion into the ERP, and vice versa the conversion of invoices and dispatch notes in the ERP in an EDI format suitable for sending to customers.


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Athena Spa: data extraction from delivery schedule, foreign invoices and EDI orders

The company wanted to streamline the management and automate the uploading to the ERP of deliveriy schedule received from customers in PDF format, foreign invoices received from suppliers in PDF format and EDI orders received from customers.

Station document process automation software has proved to be the most suitable tool for successfully achieving these goals.


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Gruppo Coop Centro Italia – Automatic check of invoices


The Coop Centro Italia Group, an important Italian retailing company, wanted to implement an automated process for checking invoices received from suppliers. For this project, the company has chosen the Arket Station software, which allows to automate the recognition, disassembly and uploading of data of any corporate document.


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Interfrigo - Customs project

The company needed to create customs bills for their transports, starting from received invoices intended to the end customer. Station has automated the goods grouping (this task was prior processed manually) and the entering of the data thus obtained and of the necessary certificates into the customs management software, which will create the necessary customs bills.


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Mass Market Retailers - Purchasing Cycle Automation


A company of large retailers wanted to optimize the process that involves accounts payable. The inconsistencies were checked manually, with high probability of errors and a massive expenditure of time. Today, thanks to Station, the automation of the invoices verification phase guarantees saving of time and error rectification.



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Public Administrations - Electronic Invoice & Certification of Credits

An italian Public Administration was looking for a solution to interface with the Exchange System, to automatically insert the incoming invoices into the ERP and to simplify the acceptance or rejection of invoices. Moreover they needed to automatically load on a portal for the Certification of Credits the attestations of payment of the received invoices. All of this was possible with the use of Station.


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