Station is equipped with a module that allows integration with SAM ERP2, by Centro Software: this module, once the data is extracted from the documents using the appropriate mappers, produces an XML file in the format expected by SAM ERP2 for import.


The integration uses the "XMLImport" tool of SAM ERP2, which allows you to import any type of document and information (eg orders, invoices, articles, etc.) into the ERP, using an XML path that follows a specific standard.


There are two possibilities, once Station has generated the XML file:

  • The user proceeds to import manually, launching the XMLImport tool and supervising the data loading phase.
  • Station can independently launch XMLImport, which creates a log file that indicates whether the operation was successful or not: Station is able to intercept this file and notify the user of any errors found during the import phase. In this case, the user will find the data directly loaded into the ERP, without having to perform any start-up operations.


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