Since March 31st 2015, in Italy, all the Public Administrations have the obligation to receive invoices only in electronic format (fePA).

The authenticity of this type of invoice is guaranteed by the electronic signature of who emits it, and by the transmission of the document to the Exchange System (ES).
The electronic invoice  must be an XML file, in a specific format for the Electronic Invoicing for The Public Administration, the only type of format accepted by the Exchange System.

In particular, the Exchange System, once it has received the invoice, makes all the needed checks on it, forwards it to the recipient and provides notifications and receipts to the recipient and the sender.

The Public Administration must accept or reject the invoice within 15 days, and the outcome will be notified to the sender by the Exchange System. The Public Administration can interact with the ES via certified email, web, web services or FTP protocol.

With Station it is possible to simplify the management of this type of documents, automating:

  • The XML file and metadata download
  • The extraction of data contained into the invoice
  • The conversion in a readable format through style sheets
  • The assignment to the user that has to accept or reject the invoice
  • The composition of the Outcome Message for the customer, that has to be sent to the ES
  • The registration of the invoice within the company ERP

edi station

Station allows, therefore, to save a lot in terms of time spent for the document management, by removing the numerous manual activities that would make the process cumbersome and would continuously require the intervention of human resources.

A practical example of how Station can be used for the management of the Electronic Invoicing and XML files is represented by the case of a public administration, our client.

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