Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software solutions such as Station are able to automatically perform repetitive back office processes, interacting with business software like the user would.


In particular, Station's field of action is focused on the document and the data it contains:

  • The powerful mapping engine allows you to set rules to capture and extract information dynamically from any type of document
  • Station can transform the output into any format you need, be it XML, EDI, txt or a spreadsheet.
  • Station is able to integrate with any IT system to automate data entry of information extracted from documents


Station is able to process documents in any format, such as XML, PDF, electronic invoices, txt, Excel, CSV, EDI and many others ...


pdf station funzionalita


The mapping engine allows you to set dynamic rules to extract data from PDFs
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xml station funzionalita


Automatic data extraction from XML files and insertion into enterprise management system, conversion from and to XML files
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edi station funzionalita

Electronic Data Interchange

Management of EDI flows in encoding or decoding, and conversions from one standard to another
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e invoice station


eInvoice management: automation of download, data extraction, registration in ERP ...
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any type document station functions

Any type of format

Station was born to handle any kind of electronic document
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