• Sector: MMR
  • Revenue: > 400 millions €
  • Employees: 1600


The problem

Checking the supplier invoices in the retail world is a particularly onerous phase of the purchasing cycle: it means to manage a large amount of documents, which can contain hundreds of pages, multiplying exponentially the activities for the staff carrying out the control.


This operation is carried out through the control of all the rows of the document looking for any inconsistency that, once detected, should be reported to handle the error in the document. In this company, the time spent and the number of human errors were starting to generate critical issues in terms of operational efficiency and unnecessary contentious openings to suppliers.


The solution: Station

The need for a greater and better control over the data has been satisfied with the installation of Station, which guarantees precision and speed in the acquisition and verification of information.

The operator only needs to start the system, that automatically scans all documents and is able to identify with precision the line in which the error is located and the type of problem encountered.


Advantages of the solution

The overall added value can be found in the great saving of time and in the greater control of documents, avoiding loading errors. In addition to the identification of inconsistencies, also the opening of the contentious was automated.