The production and exchange of paper documents between companies leads to an considerable lengthening of the management and processing timingmanual data entry within the corporate information system requires the user to engage in repetitive tasks with little added value, with a high chance of making mistakes during registration procedures.

Being able to digitize processes involving paper documents means bringing greater operational efficiencyreduce costs and improve data quality, as well as allowing high levels of integration with the existing information system.

Station is a document process automation software that allows you to effectively address this issue, thanks to the OCR feature (Optical Character Recognition).

How optical character recognition works

If the company receives paper and or scanned documentation, the OCR feature will transform the image of the document into a format where the text is recognizable and usable by Station for subsequent data extraction from the document and for its insertion into the information system or other processing.

Station is also able to evaluate the reliability of font character recognition and the user can verify the correctness of the extracted data and validate it.

For optimal results, a high-definition scan will allow you to get the best possible recognition. Once the document has been processed and the data has been extracted, the document is reduced for inclusion into the company's document management system, which can be easily integrated with Station.

Once the character recognition and extraction phase has ended, it coul be planned a validation phase of the data: for example, it will be possible to check if a particular data extracted exists into the ERP (the article number in the document actually exists in my information system?) or ask the user to validate the extracted data.

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