The Station software is able to interface with any information system and interact with it to automate the uploading of data or their recovery for the creation of documents in a specific format.

Station is able to interface with the informative system in many ways, for example the management of DB tables or the emulation of the terminal.


any information system station

Any informative system

Station integrates with any information system to automate data uploading
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SAP station integrazione

Integration with SAP GUI

Automates data entry on SAP and compares extracted data to detect inconsistencies
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as400 station integrazione

Automation of Data entry on AS/400

Data entry automation and comparison of extracted data to detect inconsistencies
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nav integrazione station

Automatic Data entry on NAV

Automatic loading of the extracted data into NAV ERP by interfacing with the import tables

integrazione sam erp2 e station

Integration with SAM ERP2

Loading data in SAM ERP2 using the "XMLImport" tool