Station is the software that eliminates all the manual tasks associated with the acquisition of the document and its inclusion into the information system, reducing data entry time, eliminating errors and reducing personnel repetitive tasks.

Today communication between companies is based on an ongoing exchange of large quantities of electronic documents, which may have heterogeneous formats: Station allows to retrieve and process the contents of any type of electronic document and its interaction with any information system.

Companies are always seeking to cut costs and waste by automating production processes: in the same vein with Station you can automate the whole work cycle performed in offices and all those operations of administrative and non-administrative nature, which require the intervention of a user for data entering and the manual control of large amounts of data; this leads to greater efficiency and reduced waste.

automation station

Data entry operations, in fact, in general do not provide added value to the business economy, and indeed require the employment of personnel in repetitive operations that may be subject to errors.
Station allows you to automate a wide range of time-consuming processes, allowing you to engage your staff in more productive activities for the company, with reduction of costs and time.
Station will require user intervention only if it encounters an issue or a discrepancy: the system can tell you exactly what kind of problem was found and the exact point where the error was found, thus generating added value for the company.


  • Listening phase and receipt of the document: a connectors system (eg. Email, PEC, File System) monitors the presence of files pertaining to Station.
  • Identification phase: Station identifies the nature and the origin of each document, excluding unsuitable files and formats. The recognition can take place thanks to some features of the connector (e.g. sender, subject, attachment name, etc.) or starting from information extrapolated from the content of the document.
  • Information mining phase: Station extrapolates the required information from the document, thanks to previously defined dynamic rules.
  • Data elaboration phase: the extracted information are normalized in a default format, preparing them for the intended use.
  • Data loading into the informative system.

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