Artificial Intelligence of Documents

Automation of Daily Work and Artificial Intelligence are two increasingly important themes for businesses, which bring enormous competitive advantages to the company both in terms of efficiency and cost.

This is why Arket has chosen to include an innovative intelligent automation functionality within Station: the software can auto-map the documents, going to identify, in full autonomy, the information contained in the header and the footer of the document. In this way, Station will be able to extract the necessary data intelligently, without you having to manually create an ad hoc mapping for that type of document.

This powerful intelligent auto-recognition tool can be applied to both vector documents and paper documents scanned and converted into documents that can be processed by OCR functionality.

How artificial intelligence works for self-mapping of documents?

To make the document self-mapping, Station will look for certain "labels" (defined within a user-supplied dictionary, for example "date", "invoice date") that are attributable to a specific field (such as the date of the document): in this way Station will be able to locate the point at which a given data is located and to independently understand what it is about to extract it.

The system provides an initial learning phase where Station analyzes a number of user-defined documents and proposes a validation form of extracted information. If there were any doubt results, the user can specify what it is, or add the missing data, enabling the software to refine its capability of correct identification of fields.

The user can also define rules within the dictionary to allow the software to locate the field more easily (a rule example: in 70% of cases the field is on the right of the label).

Once the self-learning phase has ended, the system is able to continue in full autonomy.

With Station you can bring Artificial Intelligence to your business, automating document processes that would otherwise require large amounts of time and resources to be manually handled by the user.

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