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"There's a way to do it better - find it." said Thomas Edison. It was this conviction that led, in 1998, to the birth of Arket.

The IT world is moving fast, innovation has always been its dogma and here Paolo Grotto, its founder, decided to create a company that could meet the needs of ever-changing industries that grew fast and, at the same time, computerized massively their activities.

Thus was born the mission of Arket: to develop a new generation of applications that help integration between systems, and make processes more streamlined, thus assisting the work of the IT department and allowing a general greater optimization of time and of all corporate resources.

At the lead of the R&D team there is, since 2001, Enrico Dalle Molle, that joined the company as partner and today is running the company as CEO, with Grotto.
Arket for six years, until 2009, has also worked with a business unit dedicated to the commercialization and implementation of projects of an international ERP, experience that has helped to increase the know-how on business processes and the real needs of those who govern the processes, and of users that belong to it.

In terms of internal organization, the company has adopted the motto "customers at the center" and has adopted a model inspired by the Lean Organisation, with the aim of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
Today Arket is present, thanks to the scalability of its software products, in many large and small companies, of diversified sectors, from large-scale distribution, to metalworking industry, to services.


Arket is specialized in particular in two Business Units:

  1. Document and Process Management that includes the following products:
    • Globe® - documents and business processes management;
    • Station® that automates the acquisition of electronic documents and data mining;
    • Sendy®, that transforms data generated or received from the ERP in documents with accurate graphics and manageable in a fully automated way.
    • Net-action®, software for the orchestration of information processes.
  2. Data integration, with Duplo DB®, software for the synchronization of databases

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