XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a widely used language for exchanging structured data between different applications.


IThe Station software is able to read any type of XML file, extract the data it contains and perform subsequent processing, for example:c

  • automatically upload the data extracted from the XML file into the company information system (ERP or any other application)
  • use the extracted data to build a document in another format (eg txt, csv, Excel etc.), thus improving its readability or facilitating the processing of the content.


Contrary to what happens for other types of files (eg PDFs), Station does not require a prior mapping of the XML document to extract the data: the software, through a script, makes specific classes available, which simplify reading and extracting data from the XML file.


Station also allows you to create XML files, using an Outmapper that, starting from the data source (for example tables), allows you to configure how the file should be generated.

XML outmapperXML generato da Station