The Station of the process automation software is a great ally in the management of electronic invoicing on two fronts:

  • Sales invoices: if the in-house ERP is not able to generate the XML file for electronic invoicing, Station is able to create it starting from any output of the information system (PDF, print, EDI, IDoc, etc ...). The XML file can also be created by reading the data directly from the information system database.
  • Purchase invoices: Station is able to extract data from the invoices received, to proceed with automatic registration through the management of the ERP tables, or through any other mode of communication with the information system (eg via emulation of the SAP terminal and AS / 400 etc..)


Example - Station for the automation of purchase cycle: 

Using Station to process supplier invoices (comparison between invoice, order and delivery note and upload data to ERP) you can get great savings, both in terms of time and errors.

The "traditional" process of managing a purchase invoice requires several steps and laborious checks, as well as the manual entry of all the data reported in the document within the ERP. 


The Station software is instead able to manage an purchase eInvoice in total autonomy:

  • It recognizes and extracts data from the electronic invoice XML file
  • It carries out the necessary comparisons and checks of quantities and prices with the loads in stock and supplier orders
  • It uploads the data into the information system, integrating without the need for user intervention


Station, in this way, makes it possible to automate a whole series of otherwise onerous processes, requiring user intervention only in the case of anomalies in the document and pointing in a precise way the point at which the error was detected.


The automatic processing of documents therefore allows to:

  • significantly reduce document management time
  • identify and eliminate any errors and anomalies
  • achieve greater efficiency


Station, together with Globe® e Sendy® software, is part of a suite of integrated document solutions, completely dedicated to digital management of the entire documents and processes lifecycle.

The Station software is therefore able to interface and work in symbiosis with the Globe archiving and document management software, which includes a module completely dedicated to the management of all phases of the electronic invoicing process, both for incoming invoices and for those outgoing.