The field of action of Station involves all that revolves around the document and the data contained therein. Its powerful mapping engine allows you to set rules to retrieve information in a dynamic way and to transform the output in any needed format, be it EDI, txt or a spreadsheet.

Among several formats of electronic document, the use of vector PDFs allows to retrieve directly and without difficulty the text existing within the document, ensuring the certainty of the data

The acquisition and processing of a passive invoice in PDF format is a typical example of how the features of Station can be applied to obtain great savings both in terms of time and errors.

The "traditional" management process of a passive invoice, infact, requires several steps and laborious checks, as well as the manual entry of all the data in the document within the company ERP.

Example invoice without station

Station is able to manage in complete autonomy a vendor invoice received by email:
  • Station monitors the mailbox and, if present, downloads the e-mail, identifying the sender and thus the type of invoice.
  • Thanks to the mapping carried out during the configuration phase, Station detects and extracts the necessary data.
  • Station performs the necessary comparisons and checks of quantities and prices with the loads in the warehouse and the supplier orders.
  • Station uploads the data into the information system, integrating itself without the need for user intervention.

Station, in this way, enables to automate a series of processes otherwise burdensome, requiring user intervention only if the document shows anomalies and pointing in a precise way the position of the error.

This greatly reduces the time spent managing documents, allows to identify and correct errors and anomalies, and to achieve greater efficiency.

Example invoice station


Another practical example of how Station can be used to extract and process information contained within a PDF is represented by the Interfrigo case history: the company, in fact, takes advantage of the potential offered by Station to automatically extrapolate from the invoices of its customers all the information needed to create customs papers and automatically enter all the necessary data into the customs management software.

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