The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most used electronic communication system for data interchange between business partners, which uses a dedicated transmission channel and a defined format.
However, depending on the region and the productive sector to which a company belongs, we can identify different EDI standards.

Station can work in both directions for the management of an EDI flow, that is in coding and in decoding.

Infact, Station can make a census of different types of EDI standards (EURITMO, EDIFACT, ODETTE, etc.) and, through special Cross Reference tables, can convert various EDI record types for the inclusion of the information into the informative system, or viceversa, transform information existing into the informative system into the desired EDI format.

edi station

Station also gives the possibility to make conversions from one standard to another one (e.g. from ODETTE to EURITMO for the automotive industry in the big distribution).

A practical example of how Station can be used for the EDI files decoding comes from the Arcoprofil srl case history.

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